S.D. Public School owes its birth to the vision and mission of S.D. ASSOCIATION (R) which being a colossal association runs under its auspices a host of reputed institutions. The seed of this institute was sown on 10 July 1968 in the form a co-educational English medium public school in a salubrious environment near Roadways Bus Staions, Muzaffarnagar, This school owes much to the genius of Hon’ble Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Advocate who as Secetary of the S.D. Association pioneered the idea of giving this kind of school par excellence. Thinking of Advocate Mahendra Kumar is thinking of one with many distinctions to his credit. Being a visionary educationist, lawyer and dynamic philanthropist made him special in many ways. Despite few vicissitudes this plant sprouted up spoon to gain reputation.
At its inception, it required zealous and competent men to nurse it, and as luck would have it, its worthy secretary Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Advocate, inspite of his multifarious engagements in his legal profession took a very keen interest along with the following eminent personalities:
1. Hon’ble Mr. Madan Mohan Lal Founder President
2. Hon’ble Mr.Harish Chand Founder Vice President
3. Hon’ble Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Advocate Founder Manager
4. Hon’ble Mr.Devi Saran Founder Manager-cum-Treasurer
5. Hon’ble Mr.J.K. Paliwal Founder Member
6. Hon’ble Mr.Somansh Prakash Founder Member
7. Hon’ble Mr.Gautam Deo Tandon Founder Member
8. Hon’ble Mr.Niranjan Lal,Advocate Founder Member
9. Hon’ble Mr.Moti Ram Founder Member
The school was granted first provisional affiliation with the CBSE, New Delhi in 1971.
By the Golden Jubilee Year(2018),S.D. Public School has grown into a banyan tree, spread over 4 campases which nestles into its bosom approximately 5600 students along with highly qualified faculty and dedicated support staff. The building of its inception could not accommodate the whopping strength of students, so the new building at Patel Nagar came into being in 1984 and 2000 respectively .

New building of S.D.Public School came into existence at Patel Nagar MZN in 1984 under the following Management Committee
1. Hon’ble Mr. Samansh Prakash President
2. Hon’ble Mr. Ravinder Kumar Vice-President
3. Hon’ble Dr. Chander Kumar Jain Hon. Secretary
4. Hon’ble Mr. Deepak Kumar Hon. Jt. Secretary
5. Hon’ble Mr. Praveen Kumar Member
6. Hon’ble Mr.Mool chand Member
7. Hon’ble Mr. Mahandra Kumar Kedia Member
8. Hon’ble Mr.Satish Chand Gupta Member
9. Hon’ble Mr. Satyapal Goel Member
10. Hon’ble Mr. Mahendra Kumar,Advocate Ex Officio member

1. Miss Mohini Kamley 1971-72
2. Mr. M.L. Sharma 1973-74
3. Mr. B.K. Garg 1975-77
4. Mr. D.R. Dutt 1977-79
5. Mr. V.B. Pant 1979-84
6. Mr. R.C. Munjal 1986-88
7. Mr. M.M. Goel 1988-94
8. Mr. Yogendra Gupta 1994-96
9. Mr. M.M. Goel 1996-1999
10. Mrs. Chanchal Saxena 1999-continue


s.D.Public School is managed by the duty constituted School Management Committee(SMC).The SMC is constituted by the parents body S.D. ASSOCIATION Muzaffarnagar.
1. Hon’ble Mr. Madan Lal President
2. Hon’ble Mrs. Arushi Jain Vice-President
3. Hon’ble Mr. Aakash Kumar Hon. Secretary
4. Hon’ble Mr.Ankur Kumar Hon. Jt. Secretary
5. Hon’ble Mr.Mool Chand Executive Member
6. Hon’ble Mr. Mahendra Kumar Kedia Executive Member
7. Hon’ble Mr. Raghav Swaroop Executive Member
8. Hon’ble Mr. Vikas Swaroop Executive Member
9. Hon’ble Dr. Chander Kumar Jain Ex Officio Member
10. Hon’ble Mrs. Chanchal Saxena(Principal) Ex Officio Member